Creating Your Future

The key to growth is about creating your own future, it's impossible to move from current reality (where you are now) to your vision (where you want to be), here at Bellrock we can help you to create that vision and work with you to build your future business aspirations. We will challenge your thinking and the thinking of your senior team, and help you to create and set ambitious goals and targets and then join forces with you and your team to achieve them.

We offer:

  • Strategic planning (creating the future vision)
  • One to one business coaching for you and your senior team
  • Business consultancy to support specific projects or to develop new markets, products and services

Our coaches and consultants have a breath of experience, skills and expertise but we recognise that often the skill, ability and motivation resides within you and your team. Our job is to help you unlock it and to focus on the future of the business so that you drive the growth and develop an effective and capable senior management team to deliver the growth and profit you want from your business.

Funding Your Growth Project

Bellrock have access to a number of funded business development programmes, and can in most cases access at least 33% funding towards your growth project. Bellrock will complete the applications and manage the process for you.

The cost of a project will vary, and we work on day rates, retainers or project by project, all costs are agreed ahead of project start.

You will work with a lead consultant/coach who will lead the work and introduce other Bellrock specialists as the required.



Please view some of the most frequently asked questions about our consultancy service by clicking here.


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Further Information: 0191 587 8137

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