Creating and Developing Your Workforce

It's a well worn cliche that your staff are your greatest asset, and yes they are but for many businesses training is driven by the funding available and not by the need of the business!

Here at Bellrock we believe that training should deliver clear and measurable bottom line impact, if the training doesn't meet the businesses vision and deliver growth then why do it!

Our role is to work with you and to assess your training and development needs linked to the future goals and aspirations of the business.

Get the right people; provide them with the training and development they need to their job better, more effectively, and more profitably, and grow your own talent to support your growth and increased turnover.We will help you to create a company wide development programme, help you to implement the programme and develop your team to take responsibility for their own development focused on your businesses needs.

Bellrock's competitive advantage is rooted in brokerage across a diverse range of training provision and providers to help you create a relevant in-house training solution for your business.

Because of the range of providers we use we are able to match businesses to both industry and topic specific training delivered by experts in their field.Our brokerage service is seen as a major strength with many organisations preferring to work with a single organisation in order to provide an efficient and effective programme, managed by your Bellrock consultant.

We offer:

  • Leadership and Management training and development
  • Sales, and marketing training and development
  • Access to Apprenticeship frameworks and specialist providers
  • Advice and help to secure relevant training and business development funding



Please view some of the most frequently asked questions about our consultancy service by clicking here.
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